Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Don't Need Him

Sparky; ya shoulda stayed in the cave a while longer. I think the sun has gotten to you. Mariano will be fine and the Yankees will have enough in the Pen. Their starting pitching will be fine and is already back to about 85%. They will outscore most teams most nights, so they only need decent pitching. The Sox have not had any significant injuries yet and the Yanks are getting healthy. It will all come down to September.

As for The Rocket; well he should help, but most Yankees fans know that he is no savior. Hey, George would pay $3 million a month for Samuel Clemmons, so what he paid for Roger is no big deal. It's not my money, so I don't care. You are great at talking now, but let's hear from you if the Sox do their usual swoon in September.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rocket this

Yo, putz
Yeah, dummy, I'm back. And you can thank the Rocket for that.
I just love the way all you Yank-me fans are getting fired up about getting the 45-year-old steroid freak back. Let's put this in perspective, numbnuts. First off, he's not going to pitch for another month or so, by which time your beloved pinstripers will be about a million games out. And when he does decide it's warm enough to pitch, what do you think he's going to do, pitch every day? The rest of the staff will be the same old stiffs, and the way Mariano is serving up batting practice, he won't have the pen to rely on.
I'd like to personally thank The Boss for making life interesting. God, how desperate have you become when you pin your hopes on a guy who should be sitting in a rocking chair on his porch in Texas?
The only thing dumber than a Yankees fan is a whole bunch of Yankee fans.
That's enough for one month.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Box the Sox Pox

Man; Red Sox fans are not only annoying, they are the most insecure and neurotic bunch of people on the planet. I know Boston is one of the best sports town anywhere. hell it's one of the best TOWNS anywhere, but why are Boston fans so uptight and insecure. Actually, I don't think it is the fans in Boston so much as the Sox fans that live elsewhere.

Anyway, why the big stink over Tom Brady walking around Manhattan with a Yankees hat on? he doesn't play for the Boston Red Sox, he plays for the New England Patriots. Not only is it a different sport; it's a different town. It's not even a suburb of Boston, like say, East Rutherford is to NYC.

Maybe Tom is buddies with Jeter or Chin Ming Wang and they gave him the cap. I'm a Giants and Yankees fan. I couldn't care less if Eli Manning walked around Back Bay wearing a Red Sox cap. If he played like Brady and won a couple of Super Bowls he could wear Manny's Dreds for all I care. By the way, would there be this kind of stink if it was Manny wearing a Colts, or Jets, or Dolphins cap? Hey, this is just Brady being Brady.