Friday, July 30, 2010

Congress to NY Heroes - "Go To Hell"

Congress failed to pass the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act this week, raising doubts it will ever pass. The bill would spend billions on health care and compensation over the next 10 years for people sickened from their exposure to the toxic smoke and debris of the shattered World Trade Center.

Okay, I get that some members of congress think that this bill is bloated and too expensive and should be scaled back. The Dems should negotiate it down to something closer to what the White House wants and get it passed. The members of the GOP (Goofy Old Pea brains) who oppose it should be ashamed of themselves for the rhetoric they are spewing about the initiative to provide help to the people injured in the rescue and clean-up efforts following the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.

From the NY Daily News - Texas Republican Joe Barton, leading the debate for his side, said the GOP would back a smaller program, such as the $150 million a year the White House would like to spend. But he said the rest of the country should not bear the brunt of helping New Yorkers cope with the aftermath of the terror attacks. "We support it, without raising taxes on the rest of the American people," said Barton (R-Texas), who recently won infamy by apologizing to BP.

Would Representative Barton also oppose having Texans pay for the care of New York veterans returning from the idiotic Iraq war that the leader of his party started and he voted for? Why do we keep electing these dim-witted crooks? Tro da bums out – starting with Rep. Barton. Of course Californians should be equally embarrassed by the egomaniacal Nancy Pelosi who supported a rare procedural move to box in the GOP on this issue.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed the failure, calling it "outrageous," and blaming both sides. "It was wrong for the overwhelming majority of Republicans to vote against the bill, and it was wrong for Democrats to bring the bill to the floor under rules that made passage so much more difficult," he said.

These people in congress have way too much time on their hands. They spend most of their time and energy dreaming up ways to make their opponents look bad, make themselves look good and rake in more money for themselves and their friends. Gotta go! I need a shower.

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