Sunday, March 27, 2011


I guess it's true that we are all only six degrees removed from anyone else in the world, at least on facebook. A friend mentioned that she stalks friends friends' lists to see who they know and to view interesting photos they may have posted on their pages.

That's not something that especially appealed to me, but if she thought it was interesting, who am I to judge? Hey, my life is not all that interesting, so I don't need to see other people's lives, either to feel good because they are even bigger losers than I am, or to send me into a funk because I find hundreds of people with lives full of fun, adventure, romance and sex. I have plenty to do just trying to keep my own little corner of the world intact without digging into the daily activities of others.

I did do a search of the list of people that facebook says I might know and found that interesting. If you browse that list, you will see many names of famous, or semi-famous people, because they are one of the 1,357 "friends" of one of the peolpe on your friends' list. I found the photos of broadcasters, actors and politicians on the list, simply because one of the people on my friends list who happens to collect friends has a connection to the famous person through one of their contacts.

I'm now in the process of going through my list of friends and eliminating anyone who has friended more than 100 people. I will keep family members that may have more than that on their list, but the rest must go. Facebook is not a contest to see how many people I will never meet I can add to my list. If I want to stalk someone, I'll do it the normal way, by hanging around their house after dark or following them to the local pub and rummaging through their car while they are inside having a drink.
Where's the excitement in looking through stuff people actually expect you to find?

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