Thursday, April 19, 2007

Are ya kiddin' me?

As long as there are attorneys like Mary Olive Pierson, lawyers will have nobody to blame but themselves for the bad jokes and general distaste for their profession. Pierson is the attorney for former LSU women's basketball coach Pokey Chatman. Chatman quit late in the season after rumors about improper relationships with some of her players. The university revealed yesterday what most people had suspected all along. Chatman allegedly had "inappropriate sexual relationships" with former players. If they were former players at the time of the alleged sexual relationships, then they were probably not inappropriate. If she had relationships with kids who were playing for her at the time, they can't be anything other than inappropriate. So, why doesn't LSU just said she was futzin' around with players and they are going to prosecute her for rape or fire her ass or something, or that she had sex with former players who are no longer at the university and it's none of their damn business. But, the administration is taking advice only from attorneys, so they talk around the issue until nobody knows what anybody means or what anybody did. How 'bout this; just tell the truth.

Then there is the aforementioned M.O. Pierson. What a maroon! According to the NY Times, her defense consists of the following statement:
"LSU has no written policy governing relationships between teachers and students and between coaches and athletes. I don't know that you can say something is inappropriate when no rule makes it so." BRILLIANT!
They probably don't have any written rules against having sex with a sheep at center court at halftime either. I wonder if Ms. Pierson thinks that is okay.

I need to find a cave and get away from the amoral assholes of the world for a bit before my head explodes. Oh beer babe; another tankard of ale please.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I could not have said it better. She should never be around children again. She also help the stereotype of women's sports and lesbians. Off with her head, I say. Or she can coach in the WNBA. No one will ever see her again, either way...

Les Clutter said...

I think as far as the sheep goes, in Washington County it is OK to date them on Saturday if you buy them a new dress.