Thursday, April 5, 2007

Yoo Hoo!

Okay, it's been a week with no word from Sparky. He is officially AWOL. Probably locked himself in the cave again and can't find his way out. He'll figure it out when he finally runs outa beer and Depends.

Will the local yokels please get offa the Will Brown band wagon. Come on; Mike Lonergan gets an extension to his contract at Vermont and these clowns can only talk about how the Willie Loman of America East got more. Stop, already. The guy with the goofy haircut held up UAwbany and is going to stay around another year or two. He will sell out for money the next time he has a good offer from a legit DI team (St Bona doesn't count). Do we have to have a Will Brown story or two every week until they start running them every day next fall? This ain't God we're talking about, or even Ditka. It's Will freakin' Brown. Remember how Virginia ran his pups outa the gym in the first round of the NCAA? This guy is human and may only be the third or fourth best coach at his university. Let's not over look the job Scott Marr has done with the number two LAX team in the nation. Then of course there is Vives (track) and Bob Ford (football) who have been there and had success for decades. Let's not make Brownie the second coming of Doc Sauers just yet.

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Les Clutter said...

It may be time to put Sparkys mug on a milk carton.