Thursday, April 12, 2007


Oh shit, that's not necessarily good. Stopped by the cave tonight and it smelled like my dorm room in 1973 after we lit up a couple of dozen sticks of incense to freshen up the place; yeah that's right; freshen up the air a little; yeah.

You're right Sparky, it is indeed sad if I spend more than a few seconds thinking about where you might have wandered off to, but I was briefly sober and Kimmie did ask about when I had last seen you.

Oh well; A-Rod is off to a terrific start, but most of the Yankees pitching staff is on the disabled list, along with Matsui, so April and May could be interesting. The UAwbany LAX team continues to be ranked in the top three in the country and the Stanley Cup playoffs have finally started. The sports calendar is hitting another hot month so things should heat up in the cave, eh?

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