Thursday, December 21, 2006

A little about a lot

Hey, Stu.
I see some rummy is getting down on my man Dice-K (not to be confused wth Ice-T or Jay-Z). Seems to me, a while back, some Son of the Rising Sun named Suzuki wound up in Seattle and everyone said he hadn't hit against major league pitching, but that boy ain't doing too bad.
Wow, I forgot the Spitroons even existed. Someone is really paying attention to how many points they're scoring? You watching monster truck shows in your spare time, too, bubba? Bless Jim Coyne's little heart for bringing another half-baked minor league sport back to the area. Maybe he can bring back indoor lacrosse, too.
Hey, I need some investors. I want to start an ABA franchise in Saratoga. Call it the Stallions, the cheerleaders would be the Stud Muffins, everyone will drink Studs Suds and we'll have Jockey Night, where both teams can't play anyone over 5-foot-1.
It must be Thursday, because I'm-Everywhere-You-Turn Wyland had Schott on again. If I had a gun, I'da Schott myself. I'd rather listen to someone scraping their fingernails across a chalkboard. Can't wait until Wyland adds another hour to his show because the conversation is just do damn riveting already! Pretty soon he's going to run out of newspaper shills and will have to come up with a real interview.
Sliding back into the cave. Not really sure if there's anyone else in here with me. Keep hearing voices, but they could just be in my head, if you get my drift

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