Sunday, December 17, 2006

Still no sign of Sparky. Don't know where he is.
How' bout those Giants. Coaching geniuses guiding this team. Inside a minute to go; no timeouts; down 14 points and they are still throwing 4 yard passes over the middle. O-line is now made up of hot dog vendors from the upper deck, but Eli still appears to have no clue.

The two guys the Giants coulda had ahead of the slowest thing on earth outside of the three-toed sloth are winning games for their teams while the Giants still hope that Eli can "manage" a game (meaning manage not to lose it). Maybe some of those draft choices they gave up for Eli coulda been playing in the secondary for this Giants team.

Gotta win the last two to make the playoffs. Then what? Can Eli "manage' a game in the post-season? remember Carolina last year?

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