Monday, December 25, 2006

Pain and Suffering

Okay, why does the Jints coaching staff still have a job? The team self-destructed at an entirely new level yesterday. Head butts, wrestling takedowns, and a totally inept offense doomed the team almost from the start.

How can the offensive coaching staff still be working in football after this team, with all the "playmakers" on offense and no plan and no consistency? They score on their first possession on a long pass to Plaxico and don't even try to throw to him again until the third quarter. I know the quarterback can't throw very well, but at least #17 can go up and get the ball if it is close.

Shockey had just an awful day, but come on; why would your first pass to him all day be seven yards behind the line of scrimmage? The offense failed to execute yesterday, except on the first drive, but the play calling is the worst I've ever seen. They have no plan.

This team gets worse every week. How long can management sit around and watch. The coaching staff won't be back next year, but can even a new staff do anything with the worst quarterback in the league? How could they think this guy was going to be the quarterback to take them to the top? He is the slowest athlete on two feet, can't throw, is not a leader and makes more mistakes now than when he was a rooking. This mistake is along the line of the, "Gee I think Scott Bruner is better than Phil Sims," fiasco.

Merry Christmas.

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