Thursday, December 21, 2006

Where's mine?

Okay, just about everybody in the state got something from the outgoing Governor, the phony Assembly leader or the possibly soon to be indicted Senate Majority Leader, so where's mine? I could use a few bucks to support a business venture, as soon as I think of one. These guys hand out taxpayers' money like crazy. How about $500 soes I can treat my friends to a night out at Katie O's, the Rusty Nail and Ravenswood. Come on, who's gonna miss it?

Really though, are we tired yet of forking over tax dollars for sports venues for The City yet? In the past few years taxpayers, including those of us living north of the Tappan Zee, have helped build minor league baseball stadiums in Staten Island and Queens. We are going to be on the hook for hundreds of millions to help build new ballparks for the Yankees in the Bronx and the Mets in Queens. Yesterday the state approved spending $4 Billion on a massive project in Brooklyn that will include an arena for the NJ (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets. At least $200 million tax dollars will be spent on that project. That leaves Manhattan out in the cold. Could a Curling venue or natatorium for mid-town be holding up that Moynihan Train Station deal. Why do we put up with these slime balls in state government?

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