Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Shoulda checked the Blog before asking about Sparky. Found him. He's right here.
So, about the Jints; Ole Beady Eyes had to blame somebody. The play calling has been horrific the past few weeks, but you can't blame Hufnagel for saddling the team with an out of touch coach and a quarterback who can't throw and is slower than you after half a dozen Mimosas.

Big Unit-I'm wit chew. Send the big geek back to the desert and bring up a coupla the youngsters from Columbus.

Clemens back in a Red Sox uni? The boys at Kelsey's ain't gonna like that. Remember how they ran him out of The Hub the last time? I think he stays in Houston, or ends up back in The Bronx.

When you empty the kegerator, meet me at The Nail.

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