Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brokeback Yankees

Yo, putz
Did I read that right? Gay-Rod and Jetes aren't having sleepovers anymore? Maybe one of them can hook up with Tom Brady. Looks like he's sleeping with everyone.
You've got to love Manny. He's going to report late because his mother has a tumor or a hernia or something, and he sends a messenger to tell Terry Francona. You can't make this stuff up. I'll take Mannyisms over Gay-Rod's whining anyday. It's time to head to Boston, belly up to the bar in the Black Rose and start absorbing the ambiance.
And don't forget. The only things open after 2 a.m. are the 7-11 and legs.
Got to run. I have to get in line for tickets for Friday night's titanic clash between RPI and Brown. Got a feeling that sucker will be sold out, and I don't want to miss what will probably be the GAME OF THE CENTURY at the House That Ned Built and Big Mike Decorated.

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