Thursday, February 22, 2007

Suh, Suh, Saints are Fowl

Oh man, the first half of that Siena Manhattan game was just dreadful. Siena was 2 for 9 from the foul line.

How can you pack so much drivel into so few words? You are giving me a headache. Gotta admit, though, that Notre Dame at Marquette on an outdoor court in February would be very entertaining. St John's and Seton Hall is another story, however. Better yet, let's play those games in the cave. I'll bring the beer.

Hey, I know how we can end that illegal and stupid war we started in Iraq and get on with the impeachment trial of W and Dickie Boy, if the fat old fuck doesn't do us a favor and die first. Anyway, let's send the Manhattan and Siena teams over there to play a barnstorming tour. The insurgents will leave in droves. Hell they'll leave in golf carts just to avoid having to watch these two teams play.

Get off Eh, Rod, will ya? Besides, Giambi retains so much water - roids will do that to you - that if he was to get hit with an errant punch in that titanic slug fest, he would leak like a sieve.
I'm tired of the constant search for irrelevant baseball stories already and it's what, day three of spring training? I can't wait for the hockey playoffs. Lord Stanley had the right idea. Play for a trophy that holds at least a case of beer.

I think you can deduct twice the value of beer from your taxes if it is for medical reasons. Honest, you can slip it by. Really. I wouldn't kid you. Try it, you'll save millions.

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