Tuesday, February 27, 2007

where's the love?

Yo, putz
Did you miss me, moron? Must have blacked out for a while there.
Hey, dopey, why is it so quiet around here this week? Where's all the hype for the ECACHL playoffs (oh, that's right, no one gives a rat's ass), the MAAC tournament (oh, that's right, it's out of town, and no one gives a rat's ass) or the America Least shebang (oh, that's right, it's out of town and no one gives a rat's ass). See a pattern developing here? Shee-it, I'm almost looking forward to tomorrow's Gay-zette so I can read Shottzie's riveting ECAC hockey predictions. Any self-respecting rat wouldn't even wipe his ass with that drivel.
Hey, dog breath, we've got to take in a UAlbany lacrosse game. The Big Dogs knock off Johns Hopkins and break into the top 20? Might be worth looking at. God knows the winter sports aren't worth the price of admission. Oh, that's right, we don't pay anyway.
Did you catch the press conference Monday about developing the Alco property in Schenectady? What do they think this is, Baltimore? That's not waterfront property, it's the goddamn MOHAWK RIVER, for Christ's sake. All they're going to do is piss off some big ass rats. I'm sure all the Hamilton Hill crowd will be lining up for riverfront condos. Hey, might not be a bad idea. We can stagger home from The Ditch! See if Kimmy-Says wants to move.
Got to find my meds.

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