Friday, February 9, 2007

two down, one to go

Yo, putz
First Barbaro, then Anna Nicole Smith. What useless celebrity will be next to go? I'm putting my dough on Kevin Federline. That sumbitch is just breathing my air. Maybe we can get him and Paris Hilton in a package deal. Authorities think drugs were involved in Anna Nicole's death. Whoa, there's a revelation. Good investigating, boys. That's why you get the big bucks.
Schottzie is obviously drinking the Koolaid again. The only reason Union and RPI can even think about home ice is because the ECACHL is so damn bad. If Hagwell had any cojones, he'd go back to the old format of a 10-team playoff, and make teams earn their way in instead of mailing it in.
See where old Ned is getting into the RPI Ring of Honor. Good for the senile old goat. But now that Oates, Juneau and Ned are in, it's time to pull the plug. Let's not create a Rink of Dishonor by putting every schmo who ever wore skates up there. Those three are unique in their accomplishments. Let's end it there, until someone else comes along who is in that league.
Hey, let's go to Anna Nicole's funeral. What a display of debauchery that will be.


Anna Phylactic-Shock said...

Well, Boys!! I beat the system yet again!! I figured out a way to get past all the crazy firewall shit at work, and now I can do THIS all freaking day!! Tenure, Schmenure!!

I'm always up for a good funeral, count me in!! I just may be the smartest person there!!

Sparky and Stu said...

Wow, you made it. Hope to hear from you more often.