Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Eh, Rod?

If I'm standin at the Bah in the Black Rose it ain't ambiance I'm soaking up. I like the idea of swaggering on over to Boston and The Rose, however. Maybe we could catch a BU-BC clash. Brown and RPI at Houston will be very interesting. Though it has become something of a dump, I have grown a bit attached to the Field House. Ned built it and Mike helped put some of the hangings on the wall. That's a pretty good combination. At some point they are going to have to put Addesa in the Ring of Honor. Ned was no saint and he is there. Mike was not squeaky clean, but he was no racist. Shirley and Kenny Boy should extend an olive branch and put the Fat Man's name on the wall.

Come on; lay off of Eh, Rod. He spent all that money getting his bangs highlighted, felt the need for some TV face time so he called a news conference to talk about anything but why he disappears in October. Actually, it was a brilliant diversionary tactic; sorta a prophylactic strike, if you will.



Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

For a long time I blamed DJ for the A-Rod mess. He stood up for Jason with the boo-birds, but not A-Rod. I still feel who can hate the guy and still behave like a Captain. That said I won't mis A-Rod the moment he departs.

Les Clutter said...

I love when A-hole strikes out or is called out looking, the camera always shows him looking around, scanning for something, what is he looking for a goddam miracle?