Thursday, February 1, 2007

Just phone it in

Yo, Stu
Did you see where Iona is down to seven scholarship players because of injuries? Why even bother driving to Albany? People are actually going to the TUC and shell out their dinaros to watch little more than a scrimmage? If Siena doesn't win by 50, it's because Fran the Man will be calling off the dogs.
Hey, the smelt are running at Scroon Lake. Let's go get us a bucket and deep-fry 'em.
What's the big announcement at UAlbany Friday? Bob Ford finally retiring? Can't think of anything else that would warrant a press conference, unless they're officially naming Rodger Wyland the biggest shill in the Capital District.
What's all the hoopla about the Super Bowl and Race? I thought the Super Bowl was a football game, not a NASCAR 500-lapper. The only race I want to hear about in February is the Daytona 500. GET OFF IT, PEOPLE. Tony Dungy is black, Lovie Smith is black and they're coaching in the Super Bowl. END OF STORY. The real story is, why are they using a white team of announcers? Why aren't the brothers getting all riled up about that, eh? I'll be glad when this thing is over.

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Les Clutter said...

Actually I think the hoopla over the Super Bowl has been very quiet compared to other years must be the two teams location, location, location. But as they say, "this is the big one", "guys have to step up", "we are playing for all the marbles", "this is why we play every Sunday" yada. yada, yada.