Wednesday, February 7, 2007

You Are a Headache

Hey Shithook:
What'd I hit a nerve? My point zactly. The competition is too scared to do something different like cover good Division II Hoops that draws three times what the bad Division I programs draw. The editors and sports directors just don't want to field the calls from the women's coaches complaining about a lack of coverage. If they were good, or even entertaining, more people would attend the games and more coverage would make sense. I'm with you - whoa that's scary - let's see more on local kids playing at other colleges and more on wrestling and hockey. Better yet, who's covering the Australian Rules Football League?

Hey, did you see what our esteemed Legislature did today? They ignored the three qualified candidates for State Comptroller and named a hack from Nassau County that's been in the Legislature for 20 years, like that prepares you for anything other than saying yes masser to Shelly Silver (See Ron Canastrari). Eliot ain't happy, but it won't make any difference, because ain't more than 2-3 dozen people outside of Albany that care about this bunch of baboons that look more like the Sopranos than a representative body of a democratic society. We deserve what we get in this state. I'm thinnin about moving and letting you yahoos have this cesspool.
Make some room in the cave. I'll bring some beer and spend the next decade or so.


Les Clutter said...

Didn't Elliott say something about everything changing on day one? Maybe he meant changing the Depends.

Sparky and Stu said...

Yeah, well, even if he meant it, he is just now starting to realize that he can't control Shelly, Joe and their pea-headed cronies in the legislature.