Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let's go, Saints

Yo, putz
How about giving the Siena Aints some love? All they have to do is knock off the Jaspers tonight and they'll be playing for a share of the title against Marist. Wow, Siena-Marist, for a share of the MAAC title. Isn't that riveting basketball. I'd rather watch the last-place game in the Big East on an outdoor court in February!!!
Speaking of riveting basketball, too bad we didn't take in the Shen girls game last night. Would have been entertaining to watch Saratoga score TWO points in the first half. Stick with me, sonny. I'll make the good decisions.
So you're attached to the old airplane hanger where the Engineers play hockey. That explains why you still have that ugly mutt hanging around your house.
Can't wait for Gay-Rod and Jeter to drop the gloves during a spring training game. Wouldn't that be great! One of them calls off the other, both get pissed, they drop the gloves and go at it, and Giambi (wasn't he the guy in the box in Pee Wee's Playhouse?) will be the third man in. Please, Manny, do something crazy and get the Brokeback Boys off the back page.
Speaking of Brokeback, where's JZ?
Got to run, sport. Can we deduct beer on our income tax as a medical expense?

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