Sunday, February 18, 2007

send him to the dog track

Yo, putz
Can't believe you're quoting Ned Harkness. The man is so old, he's taking senility to a new level. He thought Shirley Jackson was Gladys Knight, for chrissake. He wanted to know why the Pips weren't helping raise his banner (I'm sure ole' Shirley was raising his banner, if you get my drift.)
The inmates are definitely running the ECACHL. How can Nate the Skate get off with blasting an official, BY NAME, in the press, and not get suspended? Where the hell is Hagwell, hiding in a closet somewhere? You can be darn sure Mike Schafer at Cornell has a copy of Nate's quotes in his briefcase, so the next time Hey Mikey goes ballistic, all he's got to do is dangle that newspaper in front of Blind Melon Hagwell and quote MC Hammer - "Can't touch this!"
Hope that cheatin' bastard Micheal Waltrip wins the Daytona 500 today and sends NASCAR in a tizzy right off the bat. Let's see, what do Michael Waltrip's Toyota, Floyd Landis and Barry Bonds have in common? A little extra juice for a little extra boost.
It's BOTTOM FOUR WEEKEND. Yale and Brown at RPI and Union, losers still go to the playoffs. God, I love this country.

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