Thursday, February 1, 2007

Iona Saint

Five minutes left in the game and Siena is up by only one and two of the Saints starters (Ubiles and Hasbrouck) have yet to score. This team has done this before. They have trouble getting up for bad teams. Ubiles is the best talent they have had in years, but he takes entire games off and Franny Boy leves him in. If he doesn't want to play, sit his ass on the bench and let him watch.

Speaking of Shills, how about that scintillating half-time interview with the Rose and Kiernan Insurance President. Gee, ya think all the money he gives Siena had anything to do with that riveting exchange? Wow, that really outa be embarrassing for TW3.

I hope Bob Ford is staying and Women's hoop coach Trina Paterson is leaving to have more kids. they dumped Mari Warner for this chick? Yeah Lee McElroy is a real genius.This is the guy that had to give half the stock in the university to Will Brown because he didn't sign him to a long-term contract when he had the chance.

So how come the St Rosie hoop teams in Albany don't get any respect form local papers. The had the men's and women's teams at home last night. Both are 17-5 and the women beat the undefeated number 3 team in the country. they outdraw the two bad Division I women's programs in the area and the O'Donnells would thrash either the Siena or Albany women's team. How 'bout some love for Division II hoops. The others are just unwatchable.


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