Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Bidness

The good ol boys should just chuck the whole team, I agree. Who's the leader of the group anyway? If the guys in the pits are cheatin, somebody must be dye-recting the wrench-crankers.

Okay, so you do a little research on some of next year's early recruits and you think you know that Opie and RPI are gonna suck 2-3 years from now? You got a carbon monoxide detector in the cave? We gotta check your C O two levels and see if you got dain bramage. Ned Harkness, the greatest college coach of all time, and Mr. Squeaky clean says Coach Appert is the real deal and will lead the Engineers back to prominence in the ECAC. Give him two, tree years and then trash him if they suck.

Hey, at least he isn't bringing in cement heads by the bucket full and trashing officials in the media left and right like the guy across the river.

By the way, how does Hahvahd lose to Northeastern in the consy of the Bean Pot? If it wasn't for Merrimack N'Eastern would be the worst team in the east.

That reminds me, Hockey Least is a great 4-team league (Maine, UNH, BU, BC) but, boy are the bottom four awful. Joe B needs to shed a couple teams from that league and steal Q'Pac from the ECAC andMerrimack has got to go to Atlantic Hockey.

My car is stuck half in and half out of my driveway. The plow drivers in this burg musta gone on strike at Noon today. We got 21 inches of snow in the street at 9 pm and we haven't seen a plow in 13 hours.

Stoke up the fire in the cave and have a black and tan.

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Anna Phylactic-Shock said...

Well boys... try and hold down the fort while I'm across the pond!! Don't kill each other, Im gonna need someone to buy me dinner when my broke ass gets back!!

Caio, boys!!