Friday, February 2, 2007

That's about enough from you

Hey, putz
ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN MIND? Now you want more coverage of bandit Division II Saint Rose basketball. You know why they don't get any coverage? BECAUSE NO ONE CARES! Especially clowns like you, who sit at home and rant because they don't see any coverage when I know for a fact that you've NEVER been to a Saint Rose basketball game in your miserable little life. What's next? More coverage for Hudson Valley hockey? How about the CD Selects? How about RPI women's hockey games? With the amount of people they draw, reporters could bring a printer for their laptops and print out an individual story for all 20 people in the stands, and have one left over for The Z-Man. If you're suddenly taken a liking to 20-something female basketball players, drag your ass over there and watch the damn games yourself instead of sitting in front of the television every night, double-fisting the remote. Geez, you aggravate me.
Did you see they've opened up a new bar in downtown Schenectady that serves beer-battered frogs legs? We've got to give those bad boys a try. Probably better than smelt.
Is it Saturday yet?

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