Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What you Smell is YOU

So little time and soooo much insanity to address.
Whoa Sparky; The Gaels are getting just what they deserve. Any team with a midget in shorts as a mascot should lose every game. Jeff Ruland is the highest paid coach in the MAAC and has lost 21 straight games. His excuse is we graduated 5,000 career points last spring. First, I wanna see their diplomas. Next, he still recruited the 13 kids on scholarship still in the program. If he's paying them to play they should be pretty good, right? You can't lose 21 straight games in this league and keep your job, can you?

Anna; get off of Babbo, or Comet or whatever cleanser they name the horse after. Yeah its too bad they shipped him off the the big stud farm in the sky, but he's a horse, dear you'll find a new friend to lose your money on next summer.
Bracket Buster -- Does Boise State have a blue court too? Will Brown and UAlbany must be real happy about flying, driving and taking a Conestoga about 2,000 miles to play on ESPNU at Smurf U. they could stay home, play St Peter's or St. Bernard on TW 3 and get a bigger audience. This Bracket Buster sucks!

Are we doing movie reviews now? Okay, Mongo Stu's favorite, I admit. That movie should be mandatory viewing in all freshman anthropology or sociology, pharmacology; aw fuckit make all the cology classes watch it.


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