Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Atta Boy Brownie

Whoops, wrong Brownie. Come on Sparky, will Brown can't be all that dumb. Olean in the winter? The Bonnies program is permanently mired in the muck. The glory days are gone for them. How you going to get enough qulaity basketball players, student athletes if you will, to go there, whithout massive quantities of cheating?

How about the guy they dumped? He comes into town on a white horse to pluck the program outa the gutter and they trow da bum out after four years because he didn't win enough. Nice! They had all sorts of knuckleheads in the program, including the coach and AD, before this guy. He comes in and keeps them off the police blotter and they gas him.

As for Will Brown, he's just going for the free weekend. They can't pay him a lot more than he's making; the program sucks; and he's in hooterville for crying out loud. He's not going there, unless they pass the collection plate a couple of extra times on Sundays and do something like double his salary, reprotedly about $163,000 a year. I know its the A10, but it's the bottom of the A10. Look what happened to the guy they just dumped. If Will goes there he better get some recruiting and admissions help and a long-term contract.

I hear the door opening and Gus is crying so somebody must be here. I'll cover Stony Brook later.

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