Sunday, March 11, 2007

What're U Smokin'?

Whatever it is, I want some. Snort this you goober!
Siena moved to the Knick/Pepsi/TUC for the amenities and the added seating for the couple of games a year they might need it. Nobody ever expected that they would average 10,000 per game. Hey, the rest of the league draws about 2,000 a game. Rich Ensor really needs Siena, or this conference will be relegated to the scrap heap of the NCAA.
This league can't even get their "automatic" bid into the real NCAA tournament. How far has this loop fallen? Their tournament champ Niagara has to play the elimination game just to earn the right to get smoked by Kansas. Wow, the committee must think those Purple thugs are actually from across the river in Canada and need to earn their way into the real field of 64.

As for the ECAC; they can't increase the draw if there is no chance of RPI getting to the final four. The move still made sense, because Albany is more centrally located, and if RPI does ever get there the place will be filled. Lake Placid is a great place, but if you don't ski a trip there every few years is plenty. Maybe they should send the tournament there every fourth year.
You are spending way too much time in the cave. With friends like you, I'm glad I keep that butt plug handy.

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