Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stick 'em up

Will Brown is bidding the Bonnies against UAwbany to drive up his compensation package. Gotta love his pluck, but hey you do need to strike while the iron is hot. The Danes could be not so Great the next couple of years, so why not try to lock into a long-term deal for mucho buckos while you can? He is asking Awbany to pony up $275K, and likely wants them to sweeten the incentives package and add another year onto the end of the deal and then he will say never mind to Olean. If Duh Danes don't give him what he wants, he can go make $250-$300K at St. Bona for the next 4-5 years. Not bad.

Come on, give Michael Ray a little slack. So he insulted Jews, Gays, some random fans, a couple of referees, a local yokal sports columnist and maybe a few other individuals and groups I can't recall right now, it's not like he actually has the brains to realize what he did. By all accounts he is a very nice guy with not much on the ball (don't even think about it Anna), but the poor bastard has no clue how to conduct himself in a highly visible and responsible job like head coach of a professional basketball team. He'll be bouncing at some club soon and nobody will remember.

The Patroons are really entertaining though. You gotta like a team that is forced to fire the misfit they hired as coach right during the championship series, has a president and GM so outa touch he can't FIND the dog track, and then one of the players get ejected from a playoff game for punching another player; who just happens to be on HIS team. Can you say HBO movie boys and girls?


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Les Clutter said...

Hey Mikey he likes it !

Micheal Ray Richardson was banned after he became a three time loser for testing positive for cocaine a third time. He was the first banned under the NBA's anti-drug program.

Maybe Mikey has a problem again.