Thursday, March 29, 2007

you heard it here first

Yo, putz
Let's see...stay in Albany, make about $175,000 per and be probably the fourth-highest paid coach in America East, or take $250,000 to coach in Olean. I'm figuring Will the Thrill tells Leroy Boy Is That You to take a hike, and packs up the wife and kid and heads to Bonaventure.
and the next coach of the Barkin' Dogs will be....ROB LANIER. Hey, you heard it here first,
Hey, how about them Patroons. They fly under the radar all year, and now get national exposure because Loose Cannon Richardson let's rip with a couple of f-bombs and contends that Jews are crafty. Micheal Ray hasn't gotten this much attention since he was suspended by the NBA for usin', and usin' and usin'. And Jim Coyne just sits there with a blank look on his face and says, "Huh?" Time to pin a nametag on that old boy and send him to the dogtrack.
Got to run...but I can't remember why. What was my name?

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