Saturday, March 3, 2007

This ain't the Brady bunch

Yo, putz
Hate to take shots at slow, white kids, but did you see the scores of the Class AA boys' semifinals Friday night. Geez, Louise, Shen and Saratoga were just blistered by the Brothers and the other Brothers at Maginn (where's the love for my man Shimeek Johnson?). Welcome to suburbia, boys. The Suburban Council is a joke!
Nice job by Opie and the boys at the 'Gate. Heck of an effort against one of the most suspect offenses in the league. Hey, Ope, get 0ut the clubs. FORE!!!!
Did you catch all the empty seats at Hobey Baker Rink (still one of my favorites on the circuit, by the way). A whopping 825 showed up for what was the best game of the night, Brown's 4-3 overtime win over the striped homeboys (isn't that a kind of fish?).
Who you been talking to in Massachusetts, chief? Report is that the Massachusetts Board of Trustees want UMass-Lowell to, (1) get out of Hockey East or, (2) drop hockey entirely. Combined, the Lowell and UMass-Amherst hockey programs lost nearly $2 mil last year, and the good people on the board want to funnel the money into Amherst and leave Lowell as the ugly stepchild.
But that confuses me just a tad (doesn't everything?) How does Lowell stop losing money by going to another league, i.e., the ECACHL or Atlantic Hockey? A bus trip to Clarkson has to cost more than a bus to Merrimack. You gonna cut coaches' salaries because they have to match wits with Nate the Skate instead of Jack the Legend? Help me here.
What's that sound? Oh, I know. It's the first beer of the day opening. Must be noon somewhere.

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