Monday, March 26, 2007

Thoughts From Fantasy World

Gotta love the pluck displayed here
(, but I’m growing more tired of the drivel pouring out of the mouths of some of these nut jobs. It is as bad as, and only slightly more outrageous than, some of the stuff our politicians utter.

The link takes you to a story about an Iranian governmental official who is ranting and raving against the Great Satan, again. No, not Sparky this time, but the good ol' US of A.

Look, our foreign policy is a disaster and our intelligence agencies are being made to look stupid by their bosses and the current administration, but these clowns in Iran and South Korea are starting to get annoying. I think it's time to tell them to go pound salt. We should get rid of Georgie Porgie, VP Darth Vader, Condominium Rice and the rest of that gang and get some folks who will not run the country like it's a freakin' Wal-Mart.
Then the new administration should issue a statement that says, look, the adults are back in charge here and the juvenile delinquents are back in their rooms without supper. We are sorry and we are going to try to start to clean up the mess we allowed them to create. But the two-bit murdering bastards that run places like Syria, Iran and South Korea need to know a few things about us:

We don’t want your sand flea-infested country.
We don’t give a shit what you do inside your own borders, as long as you don’t threaten us or our friends with it. Have unprotected sex with all the sheep and camels you want, just don't sell them to us as beef later on.

We only want to buy oil from you at a reasonable price. We don't want to own the wells. (You see, Bush and Halliburton will not be running this country any more)
We don’t care If you sick bastards want to blow your kids up. That's fine, just don’t do it near us or our friends.

We will leave Iraq and not start any more illegal wars for bogus reasons with little chance of success.

We understand that since we screwed up and destroyed Iraq that we need to lead the reconstruction effort.

We will not elect any more right-wing religious nut jobs who recruit equally greedy and nutty assistants to run America.

We will not elect any more left wing nuts who think that we need to solve every problem in the world right now.

We are not going to round up 12 million illegals in this country and send them back to Mexico, Central America and the Middle East.

We will start to enforce our immigration laws, and we will send the criminals, the wackos and the people who don't want to pay back taxes back to you.

And then I woke up. Time for a beer. Where did I put the Cheerios?

We need to have someone in the White House who will say to the rest of the world. We are going to live and let live. Don't mess with us, or our Friends and we won't bother you.


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