Monday, March 12, 2007

Hoop de Doo

Hey Sparky;
I wish you coulda heard Gary Walters on the Fatso and Fruitloops show this afternoon. He used the RPI and strength of schedule to justify Arkansas over Syracuse, then threw that argument out the window when asked how Stanford got in. He said they had injuries to key players and that contribute to their 18-14 record. Then he goes back to the RPI to justify Illinois and Purdue getting in.

It just doesn't matter. There are only about eight teams with a legitimate chance of winning the tournament anyway. If this was about crowning a worthy national champion and not making money for the En See Double Eh, they'd pick about 12 teams and let them fight it out.

I'm with you though on Billy Packer and the college basketball mafia. If you are going to artificially inflate the field to 64 1/2 teams, I'd much rather see some more teams like Northwest Southeast Missouri State than some team that goes 7-9 in the SEC and finishes about seventh in their league.

As for Siena, the ECAC and the TUC; blow it out your ear. It's marketing, dim wit. the P.T. Barnums of the world are ruling sports in this country (see above).

Hey Snooks, with Quinnipiac dumping Cornell I figure the over under on attendance at the ECAC Frozen four this weekend is about 4,500 each night.

As for Poke Me; who cares? Women's hoop in Luzianna? Can't draw even what the ECAC gets.

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Mike & Dog did a good job. Syracuse is 10-6 is the Big East with 20 wins and it's NIT bound? And how can they take "injuries into account? Blow me.