Tuesday, March 20, 2007

he ain't heavy, he's my brother

Yo, putz
Miss me? Still recovering from the drunken bimbo parade on St. Patty's Day. Head's still spinning.
Hey, knucklehead. The maintream press did it again. Wrapped up as they are in March Mediocreness, they missed the biggest story of the weekend. Remember this name, boys and girls...Lewis Hamilton. Lewis, who is only, 21, made history Sunday when he became the first black driver to compete in a Formula I race. Having a black driver in FI is like having a black man in the Klan...it just doesn't happen. But wait, it gets better. Not only did he qualify for the Australian Grand Prix, he finished THIRD, in his first time out for McLaren. Can we say Tiger Woods here??? Lewis is British with Jamaican mon descent, and he's THE REAL DEAL. And he doesn't even get a line anywhere because every newspaper in the world is in love with Dick Vitale's ugly stepchild, March Moronness.
I'm goin online and ordering me some Lewis Hamilton gear.
Hey, in case you missed, attendance for the ECACHL championship game was the second-lowest EVER. Your buddy Hagwell is doing a heck of a job promoting this thing. And what was the deal with having part of the upper bowl curtained off, and portions open? This thing is turning into a three-ring circus, and every ring is full of clowns.
Things are getting so bad, I'm almost lookin' forward to stock car racing season.
Get my meds, I'm going down!

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