Tuesday, March 13, 2007

still fumin'

Yo, putz
This whole NCAA thing is still pissin' me off. I've got to think the little drawf Gary Walters, who failed as a coach at Providence and who is so goddamed Ivy that he pisses green, was just getting a little payback at some of the schools that he looks down on, like Syracuse, Niagara, Drexel, at al. Ivy League ADs got no business being in charge of any sports committee, usless it's squash or fencing. Run his sorry ass out of town.
Here's an idea, and it ain't too far fetched. Expand the tournament field to 67 or 69, and have two-tree more play-in games on Tuesday. Make Central Connecticut and Texas A&M-Corpusule Count or whatever the hell it is earn the right to be a 16 seed and get their ass kicked. That way, a couple of deserving teams will get in and Fat Tuesday can eliminate a couple of the dregs that don't belong anyway.
Geez, Louise, Syracuse and South Alabama? Sounds like a bad spring trip baseball game at Fort Myers.
Good thing Quinnipiac isn't playing Dartmouth in the first game of the ECAC tournament Friday at the Knick. That would draw about as many people as a Brittany Spears lecture on the virtues of motherhood.
Hey, knuckedragger. If I'm a Virginia basketball player, I'm getting a little ticked off that the Big Dogs at Albany are feeling lucky about their draw. I don't see the Danes doing what they did last year against UConn. You can bet the Cavs want to make a statement to the Dog Pound. Hell, last year, I think Calhoun and his boys went out drinking the night before the game.
Speakin' oh drinkin', damned if it ain't nearly Nail Wednesday.

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Les Clutter said...

Did someone "ice" the two hockey pucks?