Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Geno's gotta go

Hey, putz
Brand new bandwagon. Lots of room. Get your tickets early. Geno Aurriemma's got to go.
Maybe this is why no one gives a rat's ass about women's basketball. UConn is the No. 1 seed in the Fresno Region (why not just play the freaking game in Anchorage!) and LSU doesn't even have a real coach after Pokey got run out of town for. So what does LSU do? Blows UConn right out of the water! Hey, Geno, nice game prep, sport. Was it a surprise that Sylvia Fowles ripped you a new asshole? She's only the best female player on the planet (Sorry, Candace). Might want to devise a defense to stop her, Geno boy. Geez, Louise, go back to selling Italian pastries or whatever you're good at.
And who was the genius who put UConn and LSU in the Fresno Region? Championship game draws 3,000 in a 16,000 seat facility. BRILLIANT! Whoever is responsible is probably in line to be the next ECACHL commissioner.
Hey, Will the Thrill might not be so dumb after all. Interviews at St. Bona and comes back to Albany to find that LeRoy Boy Is That You has a big reward package for him for taking the Ungreatful Danes to the NCAAs. Can you say leverage, boys and girls? Wonder if Scott Marr is going to get the same reward package when he takes the Stickboys back to the NCAAs after being ranked in the top two-tree for most of the year.
Hey, my boss said something about being a team player yesterday. I quickly reminded him that there is no team in the word I. Geez, what a numskull.
Don't forget, you can't spell Wednesday without thenail.

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Sparky and Stu said...

Hey Sparky; where are all these people going? You want to gas all these coaches, but you don't have a plan for them when they leave?

Now, the women's tournament is another story. Geez, 3,000 people at that game is a joke. Did Gary Walters and his committee do the seeding for the women's tourney too?

I still don't think Willie Brown is going to St Bonaventure. I think he will stay and suck a few more bucks outa UAwbany.

As for Coach Marr and the UAwbany LAX squad, they are flying high. Good for them! They're 6-0 and ranked #2 in the country. No other Division I team in this area has been that highly regarded since the RPI Hockey boys in 1985.

We need to get to one of their games. LAX and beer are made for each other.