Wednesday, March 21, 2007

St. Brownaventure?

Yo, feeble one
You've got to stop hanging around with Zimmons. His stupidity is starting to rub off on you.
Hey, it looks like Will Brown might be packing up the family and heading to Olean, the Garden spot of New York. A couple of good years in Albany was enough for Will the Thrill, and besides, he can't imagine life without Jamar.
No guarantees that he's going to the Bonnies job, though. Interesting to see that one of the other candidates is Rob (You're Fired!) Lanier. Now, even though he doesn't have Will's resume, he will be coming from a bigger program, is a proven recruiter and was once an assistant in Olean.
Hey, nice move by Stony Brook to join the Big South for football. Let's see, Long Island...Charleston, South Carolina...yeah, I can see the connection. I just think old Chucky Priore was looking for a warmer climate for his games. He must have pictures of someone high up in the food chain at Stony Brook having sex with a chicken, because this move makes no sense to me at all. The only people on Long Island who benefit from this move are in the football program. I've got to get the Title IX people on speed dial.
Don't be picking on Tonya Harding. I was thinking she might make the perfect next Mrs. Sparky. Loves to drink and has no morals!

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Sparky and Stu said...

Tonya Harding Sparky; it has a nice ring, like the one in my ears after six beers and a little Sambuca.

The Stony Brook Football program will spend a few years in the Big South, then move on to the CAA or A10, unless the Big South can convince a couple of more mid-Atlantic teams like Hofstra, Towson and Monmouth to join.