Tuesday, March 20, 2007

There he is

Read below and you will wonder why someone doesn't just blow this little rock to pieces. We continue to elect dimwitted thieves.

Hey Sparky; is Tonya Harding getting her meds from your pharmacist? She calls the cops because she is seeing things in her house, then has to be dragged out of her neighbor's place. Wow, she is soooo entertaining.

Oh, by the way; thanks for the information on Lewis Hamiliton. Nice to see the good ole boys are letting them black fellers participate in NASCAR now. I'm sure all the black sociologists will find it very exciting that now one of their own can spend all day in a car turning left.

You need to stop hiding in the cave for long periods. I think the dampness makes your brain mushy. Save some of those meds for me. I'll bring the Smithwicks to wash them down.

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