Saturday, March 10, 2007

can you get any dumber?

Yo, moron
Closing the upper bowl of the TUC is a good idea? What the hell have you been smokin? It's morons like you that make the administrators at Siena look good because you fall into line with anything they say.
Hey, dipshit, remember when Fast Phil decided to move the ECAC tournament from Lake Placid to Albany because the Knick/Pepsi/TUC had more seats and the tournament could draw more people? Check the attendance figures, Bevis. They're the same in Albany as they were in Lake Placid. Hey, why not limit the ECAC tournament to 7,500 people? Will make for a more energetic crowd because you'll get all the cowtippers from Colton sitting next to the stiff-upper-lipped crowd from Hanover. Yeah, let's go. Close off the upper bowl. Hell, may as well close off the press box, too! It's not too tough to see you're an administrator (what the hell do you do, anyway?) Clowns like you never admit you make mistakes. You just close the curtains and pretend nothing ever happened. Can't fill a big arena? Just make it smaller!!
Geez, you're a dope.
Your friend, Sparky

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