Thursday, March 8, 2007

One more cementhead gone

Yo, putz
See where one of Nate the Skate's cementheads signed a pro contract Wednesday? Don't see any of Opie's "student/athletes" heading for the big show.
I think it's very interesting that one of Union's non-scholarship kids is bolting after just two seasons in beautiful Schenectady. Don't forget, this is one of the kids who was suspended from the team last February for an incident that was quickly swept under the rug. Let's see if the numbers add up...kid from Oswego...suspended...leading scorer on team...leaves school early. Yup, adds up to cementhead. Love to see what his GPA is.
Hey, how do I get a job with the Schenectady police department? Wanted...union rep...has to work 10 days a year...salary somewhere around $90,000 per year...must be available to work holiday to accrue overtime pay...Geez, Louise, do you think Anna can get me in?
Almost time for Round 2 of the Big East soiree to start. Got to see if Pasty and Eric can bring down the Drunkin' Irish.

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