Monday, March 12, 2007

this is ridiculous

Oh, my achin' ass
Leave it to a former D-III coach and Ivy League geek to screw up one of the greatest institutions in American sports.
Pleeeeeeze, explain to me how Syracuse and Drexel get left out of the NCAA tournament and schools like Purdue and Illinois get in. Did the Big Ten commissioner quietly contribute to the Gary Walters' retirement (read, slush) fund? Hey, Gary the Geek, don't accept any packages from Jim Boeheim or Bruiser Flint.
This may be the worst field ever drawn and you know why? Because assholes like Billy Packer complained last year when so many mid-major teams got in, so this year the committee says, Fuck it, and rewards mediocrity in the major conferences. This is the biggest massacre since Little Big Horn.
And Will Brown is a nice guy, but giving Albany a 13? Get real. Wonder how long it took the good, ole boys to come up with a bracket where the Danes actually have a chance to win a game! Somebody must have owed Lee McElroy a favor, or was paying off an old golf debt. Syracuse doesn't get in and Albany is a 13? Boeheim's boys would beat the Dogs by 20, anytime, anywhere.
And you've got to stop drinking the Siena-ECAC kool-aid. I know you're taking money from just about everyone in the area, but I didn't know the Knick/Pepsi was part of the Putz Vacation Fund, too. RPI has as much chance to playing in the ECAC final four as they do of playing in the Beanpot! And tell me what a good idea it is to close off the top of the TUC when you want to see Stanford next year, and have to cough up 75 bucks, IN AUGUST, to see through the door.
And you know why Poke-Me Chatman isn't on the back page of every tabloid? Because it's Looziana, chump. They still haven't figured out what an inappropriate relationship is down there!
God, you aggravate me.


Les Clutter said...

Well said, they call these brackets, they're more like rusty hinges with the screws falling out.

Anna Phylactic-Shock said...

Well, boys...
I hear ya, Sparky. I wont even fill out a damn bracket sheet without being able to my main men Eric and Pastey winning the whole damn thing!!This is a complete cluster-f@#k!!

Anyways, I think you boys are getting far too carried away with this whole TUC thing. One thing you guys are failing to address... NO ONE FREAKING CARES!!!(except you too dorks, of course!)

And last, but surely not least, saddle up for St. Patty's Day boys... We're throwing down Bean-Town style!!

Sparky and Stu said...

No one cares. Good point, but we need something to rant about.