Friday, March 9, 2007

why not just lock the damn doors?

Yo, putz
I may have not done well in my logics class, but this one baffles me. Siena's attendance continues to go down (geez, there's a one wants to watch bad MAAC basketball), so they're going to limit the number of people who can get in the TUC by closing the upper bowl!
Nice idea. Cram everyone into the lower bowl and make it look like a bigger crowd. Hey, if you want big crowds, take the games back to Noah's ARC.
So instead of beefing up the non-conference schedule and maybe getting a crowd of 9,000 once or twice a year, they're going to limit seating to about 7,500 and you better get your tickets early! Do they really think that's going to create long lines at the walk-up window hours before a Siena-Canisius game? Maybe if they were putting some good basketball in the House That Jim Coyne Went To Prison For, they'd be putting some fannies in the seats. Maybe that's why I'd rather drive to Syracuse to see the Orange and DePaul than head down 787.
Hey, what about Pokey Chatman resigning at LSU because of ALLEGED inappropriate relationships with her players (pick a number between one and 100). Got to love lesbians! How much are those little indiscretions going to cost her? About a half-a-mil a year?
Got to head to Home Depot and get some spackel. Not a good idea to be hitting golf balls in the cave. Leaving too many holes.

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