Monday, January 8, 2007

Another day in paradise

Hey, knuckledragger:
How about them Giants!! They give poor devils like you false hope by scoring late, and then let the Eagles slice right through that porous defense for the game-winning field goal. How can you Giants fans get through a weekend? It's like picking a bullet to the head over sitting in a running car in the garage. One may be quicker than the other, but either way, you're dead when it's done.
And I don't get why everyone wants Tom Chokin' Not Coughlin out the door. Hell, make the old fool stick around as his punishment! Make him stand on the sidelines when Peyton Lite hasn't got Kon-Tiki to bail him out anymore. Without Tiki The Barber, Shakey and Plexiglass are going to demand the ball even more.
San Diego ain't lookin' so bad now, it is, Eli.
Let's start the Don't Fire Coughlin push. Make him stay and suffer with this group of misfits.
Not to get off the subject, but how in THE HELL does the Big Unit get a two-year deal out of Arizona. Hell, he may not last two games!!
Another day older, and still no wiser.

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