Saturday, January 13, 2007

This ain't Denver

Hey, putz
After doing a little research this morning, I have to back off and finally give RPI hockey coach Opie Appert his due. He's finally done it. He's made RPI THE WORST TEAM IN AMERICA.
Check out these stats:
RPI...1-9-3 last 13, outscored 24-4 in last five.
Merrimack...2-10-1 last 13, outscored 18-6 last five
AIC (yes, the one in Springfield. I didn't even know they were Division I)...3-10 last 13, have outscored opponents 17-15 in last five.
Bowling Green...2-11 last 13, outscored 17-10 in last five.
Wayne State (I didn't know The Duke had a college named after him!)...3-10 last 13, outscored 20-18 last five.
Opie better click those red heels together and head back to Denver. Hey, Ope, this is what happens when your senior student/athletes have things on their minds other than hockey, which can happen at these damn, fancified Eastern schools.
THEY RAN FRIDGE OUT OF TOWN FOR THIS? In the immortal words of Jerry Lee Lewis, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE.
Hell, if RPI is going to be this bad, they might as well eliminate the scholarships and put the money into research grants or something.
Beers ahoy

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Sparky and Stu said...

I'm concerned about you spending time doing research to determine the obvious. RPI is gong through a bad stretch. They've had some of their best guys out with injuries, they lead the country in shots on defenders and the goaltending has been less than spectacular. They are still playing hard and generating scoring opportunites. They should be better down the stretch, unfortunately the schedule gets tougher with Clarkson, St Lawrence, Cornell, Colgate and other ECAC heavyweights comiing up in the next month. I still think this coaching staff will bring this program back. Give them two years worth of recruits, then let's see where they are. If your brain could focus beyond the next five minutes, you would realize that things will turn around in a couple of years. Nate will skate outa the 'lectric city for a bigger job soon and Oninon will slide back in the standings. Save this post and we'll look at it again two years from now when Onion is still in 11th or 12th place in the ECAC and RPI is back in the top five.