Thursday, January 4, 2007

Feelin' Sumthin

You always seem to be feelin' something. Keep your hands outa your pockets and your feeble little brain focused on what's important; Karoke night at The Nail.

Opie isn't going anywhere. He will get a chance to grow up at 'Laer. Give him a couple of recruiting classes then you can rip him or the RPI Admin for not being competitive. They should be in the top five of the league 8 outa 10 years, but the school hasn't cared enough in the past 15 years, until now. Let's see if they give the new guy the tools to compete, then if they don't you can heave pineapples at them. He does need to beat Union soon. Going 4-0-2 ( he is 0-1-1) against a little regional school with no scholarships is hideous. That can't continue.
By the way, how many "student-athletes" have to leave the Union hockey program for various, some undisclosed, reasons before the ECACHL or someone says something.

Speaking of the ECACHL; how about that academic powerhouse - Quinnipiac - they added last year. They are already in the top three in the league and will likely have a 3-5 run at the top before the Ivies get tired of losing to them and call "game".


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