Thursday, January 4, 2007

Feelin' ornery

Yo, Stu
Hey, moron. Where'd you go? The wife yanking on the leash a little too tight?
Nice idea to pull the I-Man to give Pretty Boy Wyland another hour. For years, I've listened to the I-Man for political insight, satire and good, old vile humor. Now, I get another hour of noise. What genius thought that was a good idea? What the hell is wrong with local radio and television anyway? Pretty Boy with another hour? Monotone Moy doing hockey play-by-play? Does anyone in this market have a clue?
I don't know about you, but I'm rooting like hell for Florida to beat Ohio State and leave Boise State, my new favorite team, as the only unbeaten and let the BCS cronies chew on that one for a while. Can't wait to see my man Louis-The-Sooner-Grad and gloat about his team getting beat by a bunch of potato farmers playing playground ball.
And don't you just love to see the Irish get their ass kicked by a bunch of bandits. You know why JaMarcus Russell is going to turn pro? It's better than flunking out of school!
You know you're a redneck when you go to a stock car race and don't need a program. Hey, wait. I CAN DO THAT!!!
Got to go. The meds are wearing off.

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Sparky and Stu said...

Wash those meds down with a couple of gallons of high test java today?

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I agree with you. Imus gets my day started right. Now I have to hope that atmospheric conditions allow me to get WFAN while driving to work in the morning. The only problem is that if I forget to change the station I get a few seconds of drivel from The Tuna clone and cwistofuh wooso when I climb back into the car at 5:30. Man, I can't believe people listen to these guys and their movie reviews.

I like Rodger, but he ain't no Imus. Can somebody at the Daily Astonisher in Schenectady reel in Schotzy? and Rodger, come on, the Queen has certainly run her course. Putting on a beat writer for 30-minutes every week is probably not a good idea, though understandable. Putting on his mother is just too funny. Some of the listeners even call to talk to her. Hey good buddy, give out her phone number and let people who want to call her do it on their own time.

The BCS (Bone Crushing Stupidity) clowns will eventually get it right and institute the 8-team national tournament, but until then I hope Boise, or Florida Atlantic, or Temple gets into the BCS Bowl mix every year.

Don't need a program, no kidding, you need to be able to read to really appreciate it.