Monday, January 22, 2007


Hey Sparky:
Did you remember your crampons when you went out to play golf? Did you wonder why there was nobody in front of you to bitch at for playing too slowly?

RPI played well over the weekend, but scoring goals is a little foreign to them right now. Seth is going to get some kids who can play into school over the next few years. The thing that will be different than his counterpart across the river is that he will keep more than he loses to suspensions, grades, the industrial leagues in northern Ontario and other indiscretions.

Hey, speaking of industrial leagues; did you see the uniforms the Clarkson Hockey Team was wearing this weekend? They look like something that one of the teams up in Kirkland Lake or 100 Mile House discarded because they wouldn't be seen dead in them.That team can play, but the crap they wear is awful.

Super Bowl predictions? we don't do that kinda crap here. Who cares?! Okay, here's one for ya; this Super Bowl will be won by a team with a black head coach for the first time in history. I'd say African American Coach, but who knows, some guy in the past may have been Egyptian or Tunisian or South African.

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