Sunday, January 14, 2007

Missing Poster

Why has Anna Phylactic-Shock stopped posting? We need a little sanity in this space. Even JZ would be a welcome addition. Ooops, gotta go; now I've gone over the edge.


Anna Phylactic-Shock said...

I've taken a backseat to the insanity of you two and your irrevelent rantings about ECAC hockey. I have been waiting for one of you to start this discussion, but I guess like everything else, if you want it done, you have to do it yourself...

I believe it may be due to the final decent of winter that you all have forgotten about the good ol' Onion Football Dept. Has anyone realized what they're recruting for this year: a quarterback, two receievers and someone that can fill in the Arcade's shoes!!

And, I will go to jail before I reveil my sources, but I know for a fact that Dinoleone has sent a number of his goons to San Antonio in search for these special players. Needless to say, these "coaches" couldnt sell water to a man in a desert, not to mention selling an upstate New York school to kids from Texas. And that doesnt even bring into the account of MONEY!! and the fact that they will get NONE!!!Onion has nothing to offer these kids, except for madatory attendance to classes.

Its good to be bad boys: and oh, ya, Opie's gotta go, and he can take the Natester with him too!!!

Editor said...

Welcome back.
Yeah, I know nobody else cares about ECAC Hockey but Sparky and me, but we're bored. We'll get back on something else soon. Afterall, we have the attention span of a toad.

Wow, you're making fun of us talking about Div I Hockey? You don't really care that much about small college football do you? Okay, we all like it and we know that Onion will tell some good players with no knowledge of geography that Schenectady is just south of the Mason-Dixon line, but 20% of them will leave, disappear or get thrown out of school by their junior year, so we don't even have to learn their names.

It's hockey season. Futbaw won't start until August. Pay attention.