Monday, January 1, 2007


Okay, Albany Eye is really getting boring. Are there really people out there who want to spend hours searching for and talking about local TV people? Come on, these are local TV personalities in what, the #58 or 60 media market in the country. Get a life.

Find something important to talk about.

The Security detail outgoing Governor George Pataki squeezed out of Eliot Spitzer is a better topic. The Pataki's are the bad mistake that just keep on taking. George and his ditz of a wife have been sucking money out of supporters, hanger on, potential state contractors and others for the past eight year. We finally get them outa here, and he gets a State Police security detail to drive him around.What's with that?

Shouldn't those Troopers be in Albany showing Joe Bruno the door?


Anna Phylactic-Shock said...

Oh Good God Stu!! Get off that political high horse and discuss something actually worth while. Some possible topics:

1. Boise St: running a GD Hook and Ladder (they watched Varsity Blues the night before the game!)
2. Kitchen Baseball: only equipment is a spatula, a balled up piece of aluminum foil, and a couple of jack asses!!
3. Rhode Island: It is neither a road nor an island!!

If you need more, let me know!! I've got a million of them!!

Sparky and Stu said...

So, you gatta million of them. Are any of them funny?

Boise State was terrific. How 'bout the cahones of the coaches who called the Statue of Liberty play in OT to win the game.

Love the Kitchen bgaseball, let's try to get a league going.

Anonymous said...

F-you, assholes.