Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let's get ready to rumble

Hey, putz
Just got done reading the account of last night's BU-BC hockey game and it looks like Eric Gryba of BU and Nathan Gerbe of BC spent the night beating the hell out of each other (did you know Gryba was voted "Best Fighting Prospect" in his junior league?) That's what the ECACHL is lacking...guys who actually hate each other.
The league needs a little WWE atmosphere to spice things up. Shawn Weller and Jake Schwan should be going at it in a kind of a backyard Hatfield and McCoy feud; I want to see 5-foot-6 Topher Scott of Cornell and 5-8 Sean Backman of Yale drop gloves (I always liked midget wrestling); why isn't there at least one fight per game in the Clarkson-St. Lawrence and RPI-Union series? These guys are just being too sweet to each other. Dr. Phil's shows have more confrontation than this sissy league. The ECACHL motto should be like a top-40 radio show - The Hits Just Keep on Comin'.
Hey, how about old Timmy Gerrish pulling the plug at Union? The only thing Garish about him was his record. I know it's politically incorrect, but this is one time Title IX just ain't working. At a small school like The Little U, with limited athletic budgets, the money being wasted on the women's hockey program could be channelled for better use (like John Audinoleone's annual golf...oops, recruiting...trips to Florida). And you can't tell me all the women on Union's hockey team would have gone somewhere else if they didn't have the opportunity to play hockey. Think any of them will bail now that Gerrish is leaving. Doubt it!
How cold is it? The dog's fleas are playing shinny in his water dish. Catch you later

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