Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Whatsamata U

Whoa, talk about opening a can of worms; this editorial does that and more. Stipends for Division I athletes? Not a good idea. How about limiting coaches salaries and making kids prove they can talk and walk at the same time before you let them into some of these schools?

Yeah, the money is big in big-time college sports and that is the problem. Quit paying coaches millions of dollars a year to lie and cheat and maybe this problem would find its own solution. Some of these coaches should be in jail and some of these players;...... should be in jail.

If the school presidents and the boards of trustees had some integrity, and took control of the programs we would not have as many problems. Of course if that happened the big-time donors and gamblers would have them killed or fired; or both. Click below and read more.



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