Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Justifiable homicide?

I got this off of some random blog. This is pretty funny. Yeah, I know; I need a hobby, or a blowup doll.

The Letter
Dear New Neighbors of 2B,Let me begin by saying "welcome to the building". It really is great having you here at FH. Now that the formalities are out of the way...let's get down to business. While as much as I appreciate the gesture of removing my clothes from the dryer, and it was ever so kind of you to take it a step further and actually FOLD my clothes...I must say please don't ever do it again. I know how it is on that Lazy Saturday/Sunday morning, when you have gotten up, did some cleaning around the house, then collected all of the dirty clothes you have and dragged them all the way to the laundry room only to find that some lazy resident has either left their clothes in the dryer and they are all hard and wrinkled now (probably bc they never used fabric softener) OR you open the washer to find that clothes have been in there overnight and have that mildewy smell. Trust me I know all too well how that feels. That's why I pay special attention to make sure that I precisely time my wash and dry cycles so that I never put you in this type of dilemma. So therefore it confuses me why you would stop the dryer MID-CYCLE..proceed to fold the clothes, very neatly I might add, and gently sit them aside. All that I can conclude from this is that you thought you were pulling the wool over my eyes. Well, let it be known that 2A has a big issue with 1) someone prematurely stopping her permanent press cycle and 2) someone who she has never even seen touching her unmentionables, I mean let's get real here...you folded by panties dude. Yes folded! I guess that was all apart of the deception...bc the darn clothes were still damp, how crafty you are 2B!! Surely you felt that they were wet as you folded, one can only assume. So now not only must I rewash these clothes, I mean for all I know you might have dropped them on the floor and contaminated them while folding (OCD, i know i know), but I also have to fricking wait for YOUR clothes to finish!! So, In an effort to make this time here at FH a pleasant one for you, I suggest that you don't mess with my clothes again :-)Lovingly Yours,2A


Malinda777 said...

Boy...some people's kids huh? Thanks for coming by "my house". You have a neat site here, I'll be back :)

Sparky and Stu said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I'll visit from time to time. If they let me outa the cage.